Safety Policy


Safety is our priority in all our activities.  In order to prevent accidents and incidents, flypeople will maintain an active management system.  flypeople’s management team are committed to implementing, developing and improving strategies, systems and processes to ensure that we uphold the highest levels of safety.  We believe in providing a safe environment for our personnel and customers, through compliance with all applicable legal requirements, meeting all applicable national and international standards and considering best effective practices.


Our core values include safety, health, equality and ethical behaviour.  flypeople’s overall safety objective is the proactive management of identifiable hazards and their associated potential risks, reducing risk of injury to people and damage to equipment and the environment.  As such, we will undertake regular internal auditing, implement change management procedures, conduct assessments of risks and identification of hazards, in order to implement appropriate defences and mitigations. 


Ultimate responsibility for safety in flypeople rests with the Safety Manager, as Accountable Manager.  Responsibility for keeping our training and activities safe and enjoyable for everyone, lies with each individual involved – from Directors to delegates.  We encourage open reporting and a just culture.  All personnel and customers are invited to provide feedback regarding safety and any other matters of interest or concern.


flypeople will provide all appropriate resources necessary to enforce safety as a primary responsibility of all managers, to ensure that this policy is understood, implemented and maintained at all levels.


S. Waddingham

Accountable Manager

For and on behalf of flypeople

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