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Aspiring Cabin Crew


Our mission is to give you the confidence and knowledge to achieve your goals, and to lead you into a rewarding and enjoyable career in the airline industry.
At flypeople we provide you with truly professional training, delivered by the most experienced and qualified instructors. Our training methods are designed to welcome you into this most exciting industry – training which is friendly, comprehensive and FUN. Our most popular course is the Cabin Crew Attestation.  Please also take a look at our frequently asked questions.

The 'Cabin Crew Attestation of Initial Training' has traditionally been provided by the airlines themselves, but is now available privately through flypeople.  The qualification means you can apply for jobs knowing you are one step ahead of other applicants who don't have the Attestation. It gives you the generic safety knowledge which is common to all cabin crew working on European registered aircraft.  If you then go on to be successful in obtaining a cabin crew position the airline will add to it with their own company specific practices and also conversion training to a particular aircraft type. By arriving with your attestation already in place, you remove a huge amount of stress from airline induction and training process, and significantly improve your chances of passing the airlines own training elements.  It demonstrates your motivation, proves you can pass EASA exams, and gives you a big advantage over other applicants.

Flypeople offer six day cabin crew Attestation courses for those who have not previously worked as cabin crew, are fluent in English, and who would like to work on European registered aircraft.  Courses run every month, with availability at our training centres in Malta or London Heathrow.  The course costs €985. 

Experienced Cabin Crew


Flypeople also offer four day Cabin Crew Attestation courses for those with flying experience, are fluent in English. Courses run every month, with availability at our training centres in Malta or London Heathrow.  The cost of the course is €985.


For more information please call Louise on +356 7927 3045 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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Attestation of Initial Cabin Crew Training




The 'Attestation of Initial Cabin Crew Training' is a safety training course and is recognised and approved by EASA.  All cabin crew working on European registered aircraft must possess this qualification.


Course Overview


The course includes all the generic safety modules that are traditionally provided by the airlines own Attestation, to the same professional standards as the airlines, but now available to buy on an independent basis, and transportable to all European airlines (including those in the UK). It is valid for five years. On joining an airline, the holder of an Attestation must then complete training to cover any airline specific procedures and also conversion to the specifics of their allocated aircraft type(s).


Course Objectives


Cost:  €985

Duration: 6 days/4 days

Locations:  London Heathrow and Malta

"I had the pleasure to get my EASA licence in four days training for experienced cabin crew. It was FANTASTIC, the classes were dynamic. Simon our trainer was very professional, and Louise the Director was there all the time to resolve our doubts and was always willing to help."
Erika Castaneda


Frequently Asked Questions

Q How is this different to other courses?

A It is a real professional qualification as held by current operating cabin crew.

Q What are the entry requirements?
A Ideally you should be 18 or over.  You can attend the course aged 17, but won’t be able to sit the exams till your 18th birthday.

Q Would it help my chances of employment?
A Absolutely. It can if the airline so chooses, replace up to 50% of the safety training they are required  to  give you and can save them a lot of  money.  It also shows them that you have already proven your ability to pass professional airline courses and makes you a much safer bet compared with other applicants.This is a real opportunity to invest in your own future!

Q Does it entitle me to fly as cabin crew straightaway?
A No, not quite. Under EASA rules each airline must also train you on their own specific procedures, and the aircraft you will be allocated to.

Q Are all of the airlines recruiting people with the ‘Attestation’?
A Not  yet  all,  but  an  ever  increasing  number of airlines are now  re-structuring  their  training programs to  allow  for  applicants  who  apply with  this certificate in  place. Holding  an Attestation prior to recruitment will be of benefit to you even if your chosen airline does not have a bespoke training plan for Attestation holders.

Q Can I fail the course?
A In  theory  yes. The course is heavily  regulated and all modules must be passed.  However,  a certain amount of re-sits permissible and unlike some airlines we don’t fail people the first time they  fail a module. We are here to support and coach you through. As well as being highly experienced cabin crew trainers and training managers, uniquely some of our staff are also qualified teachers.   We are here to help!

Q How else will Flypeople help me find cabin crew work?
A Flypeople are working with a number of airlines and aviation recruitment specialists. We will keep you updated of all cabin crew recruitment via our Facebook page.With your permission we can forward your CV to our contacts who are actively recruiting.
Q What does the attestation cost?
A The course costs €895. This  includes  all practical training, classroom  training and for successful candidates the ‘Attestation’ certificate itself.

Q How do I find out more?
A You can call +356 79273045 or email louise@flypeople.mt
Q What is the course content?
Module 1 Aviation Regulations and Passenger Handling
Aviation  language  and terminology,  theory of  flight and meteorology, UK CAA and EASA, cabin crew responsibilities and medical fitness, identifying areas of responsibility, chain of command boarding, arming doors, in-flight and landing procedures.
Module 2 Human Factors and Crew Resource Management
A  day in the life of cabin crew, human factors, attitudes and behaviours, stress and stress management, fatigue, situational awareness/information acquisition, Hudson River case study.

Module 3 Safety and Emergency Procedures
Definition/type of emergency, planned emergencies, ditching, crowd control/psychology, turbulence, pilot incapacitation, decompression.

Module 4 Fire and Smoke/Survival Training                 
Fire indications, triangle of fire and co-ordination, fire locations and generic drills, ground based emergency services, search and rescue and survival.


Module 5 Practical

Survival recap/wet drills/flight time limitations, flotation equipment, wet drill brief, ditching practical and flight time limitations.

Module 6 Aero Medical First Aid (2 days) Session 1  
Primary and secondary survey, the unconscious passenger, first aid kits, cardio pulmonary resuscitation, shock, fainting, Eustachiantubal  function, heat stroke, sunstroke, airsickness, choking, asthma, anaphylaxis, hyperventilation.
Module 7 Aero Medical First Aid (2 days) Session 2    
Burns and scalds, wounds, fractures and soft tissue injuries,cardiac conditions, DVT/strokes, emergency childbirth, death on board, diabetes, epilepsy, cosmic radiation,  circadianrhythm/fatigue/sleep.
Module 8 Security and Dangerous Goods
Security  governing bodies, airport planning requirements, screening and aircraft  security searches, in-flight  security, disruptive  passengers, classification of dangerous goods and packaging.